How Pool Covers Save You Time And Money

When the winter months are fast approaching, Home owners with a swimming pool know very well that soon it will be time to say goodbye to summer and pull up the swimming pool cover. Pool covers can save you plenty of money and time if they are effective and this article on the hayward tigershark swimming pool cleaner will highlight how time and money is saved with a good cover and will also show how that pool covers are also very economical.


Pool covers seals your pool and stop any unplanned access to it meaning that the swimming pool is well protected every time you are not around. You do not have to supervise your pool around the clock if you have a good cover. It also acts as a safety barrier and prevents drowning especially if you have children and pets that like to run around pool area.

Pool Covers Are Very Convenient

 It is very easy for debris and dirt to find its way into a swimming pool however; having a pool cover prevents dirt and debris from entering your pool. If your swimming pool is full of dirt and debris, it is very costly and time consuming to get it cleared by a professional if you do not have the cleaning equipment but by covering your pool when it is not in use will cut down your maintenance cost.


Instead of spending, money can be saved by a pool cover, it will save you up to 70% on operating cost since pool equipment will last longer and debris is stopped from getting in it. Water will be conserved and the use of chemicals will also go down.

Pool Covers Help Conserve Water

As point above, pool covers help conserve water because if a pool is not cover, it will likely to lose about 180 gallons of water in a week due to evaporation if it is a 16 x 36 foot swimming pool. If water is not being conserved in your swimming pool, cost will go to purchasing chemicals. Overall a pool cover will help you to go green by cutting down on chemical consumption, save water and cut down your electric bill every month.

Simple To Use

Pool covers will only work when they are in use and many covers are consumer friendly. There are some automated pool covers on the market that work by simply turning a key which saves plenty of time.

A Clean Pool

When you cover your pool all the time, you will spend less time worrying about debris and sand in it but instead focus on the most important thing which is enjoying the pool. You will not be spending money hiring people to come over and clean the pool for you because you are keeping it clean and tidy on your own.  Bu using all these methods you can use the solar covers which can help you to heat up water in winters and you can have a nice swim.