Installing Garage Door Cable At Automobile Workshop

Garage door cable has the crucial function in our garage. The cable has the significant role in controlling the motion and tension of the garage door. Sometimes, we often find out that cable wears out from the installation, and it prevents the garage door working well and appropriately. Because of this faulty from installation, this cable is capable of disturbing the garage door to open and to close or to lift and to down properly. If we face this case, we can replace the door cable. Or probably we also can replace the springs or door of the garage. By extending the space of overhead door of our garage, this problem will not happen. If we want to continue the space of garage to avoid the garage door cable problem, we need to hire the professional workers to handle the cable problem to be safer.

Installing the Garage Door Cable Correctly

How to install the garage door cable? The followings are some steps of installing the garage door cable. First, we have to lift the garage door to the spring which is on the top of the garage door. Then we put the vise grips on the track on each side of the garage door to keep the grips to not fall. The second step, take the most end of steel cable and use the ladder to reach the top of the garage door. Next, feed the garage door cable to one of the pulleys which are near with the bend on the track. Hook the end of a cable to around the knob which is attached on the corner of the garage door. The third step is that we take another end of garage door cable to the garage door. Use the ladder to climb up on the top of the garage door. And give similar treatment that another end of cable such previous garage door cable. That another end of the cable is put around the pulleys which are near with the springs. You may ask that what garage door opener should i buy in order to minimize maintenance cost.

Repeating Similar Steps to Re-Install The Garage Door Cable

Next step is that we must hook an S-hook to the bracket and bring S-hook the opening garage door. Attach hook to the track which is near the bend and then attach the S to one of the holes on the track. Then, the last is that repeat the steps above to install the whole garage door cable.